In the past, duvets were extensively used by Swiss and Austrian villagers and were also included in the dowry of their daughters. Quite often, it is filled with down which is the fluffy coating which is found beneath the feathers of waterfowl or feathers making it very light, cozy and warm. All these aspects are very important for making an environment for complete relaxed and sound sleep.

Making twin duvet covers

These duvet covers are available both offline as well as online. There are various brands available in the market and at different costs. Most of the good ones are quite expensive but assure maximum comfort. Moreover, they need to be maintained well and need protection. However, simple covers are not too expensive and ensure that the twin duvet is kept clean. It also with the cover, there is no need for a top sheet so it becomes quite easy to make the bed.

Twin Duvet CoversIf you do not want to buy Twin Duvet Covers, you can make your own by using two sheets. You can use your own innovations and color combinations. It can be sewn easily and you can have couple of them so that you always have a spare for laundry days. Some of the things needed for this are 2 flat sheets, needle, scissors, thread, pins, sewing kit, Velcro.

The steps involved in making twin duvet covers are that you need to select two sheets of the same size as is the size of the duvet that you want the cover for. If your duvet is a full sized one, then you need to sheets also to be full sized. While cutting the cover, you should have 2 inches extra on both sides for the seams and for the length of the duvet, there needs to be 3 inches extra. You should therefore, measure the sheets carefully before cutting any part to avoid any measurement issues.

You can start sewing the three edges of the cover, however, one inch away from the edges of the sheet. Remember to leave one side unstitched so that it can be the opening of the cover. Now, the next step is the turn the cover inside out and stitch a 5/8 seam. Again turn the right side out.  You can hem the open end if you want by turning a 1-inch width once and then again having a new fold and then stitching the rest of it.

To make the cover and the duvets to remain in its place, sew from the corner of the both of the open sides and to about 18 inches towards the center. You should however, make sure that you leave a large space for the duvet to fit. The seams need to be pressed properly now and stitch about 1 ½ inch Velcro closures. Now put the duvet inside and seal the Velcro so that it doesn’t slip out.

So the next time, you plan to buy Twin Duvet Covers, look at the option of making your own so that they stand out from the rest.